Manuel Chumap with blowgun and liana








The Chinimp Tuna Station was founded as a response to the social and economic difficulties faced by its members and neighboring communities. The main objective of the station is to preserve and conserve that which our mother earth has given us, prevent deforestation and protect the species that are becoming endangered. The name “Chinimp Tuna” means “waterfall of the swallows” in the Shuar language - it was chosen as waterfalls are revered as sacred in Shuar culture.


As a family we have realized the importance of preserving the environment and culture which defines us as people. We as Quichua and Shuar people are losing day by day what we were passed down from our parents and grandparents and the new life and necessities often have a negative impact on our natural resources. With this initiative, it is the aim to create awareness of our situation and try to find alternatives to combine our new necessities for education, health and general consumption goods with our cultural values and a sustainable use of our resources”.


Manuel Chumap 


Head of family and Founder of Chinimp Tuna