About us


The Chinimp Tuna Station was initiated by the Chumapi-Shiguango family in 2007 to address the social, cultural and economic stresses faced by them and the rest of the community of Chico Copataza.


The project is one of intercultural exchange and mutual learning. It is continuously evolving, and the input of volunteers who are able to either stay long enough to gain a thorough understanding of issues at stake or who bring relevant expertise is especially valuable.


The purpose of the project is to support the community. Ways in which this objective can be met vary. The provision of an alternative source of income to unsustainable exploitation of natural resources and supporting education in the community are of most concern. This includes fresh perspectives to facilitate informed discussion on issues which affect the community both now and in the future, develop a worldwide network of awareness and concern to help defending the community’s rights against corporate or government exploitation.


 - and simply providing concrete evidence of a respect for indigenous nationalities that is largely lacking in much of Ecuadorian society.




Executive Director: Manuel Chumapi

Treasurer: Jaime Chumapi                                          

Volunteer Coordinator: Ramon Chumap


International Representatives:

Soren Hoff Brondum (shb@chinimptuna.com)                 

Daniel Travis

Elvira Eefting

Abbie Hutchison